In Nature each plant, each tree, brings its own colour, its own specificity and individual qualities. All these subtle energies in nature are in communication with us, with our unique qualities, whether we are aware of it or not.
The method of making vitalised oils from plants is with deep respect for the plant and one can even talk of collaboration with the world of vegetation. The methods used are cold infusion (close to Bach Flower Remedies) without picking from a tree or a plant, soaking or steeping for certain species (Rose or St Johns Wort, Lavender) dilution and solarisation.
The oils obtained are alive, vibrating and carriers of the subtle energies of the plants. Their action will have an effect on different dimensions (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) creating an impulse for transformation and an invaluable help as such, offered up in a subtle and delicate manner.

These preparations are used as ointment or for massage on areas where there is discomfort or pain. One can also put several drops in a bath (at the beginning of filling) for a more general effect.
They are very useful during pregnancy and for babies.

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