The Heart of Mary Oil : Rose, Wild rose, Hawthorne,
White Iris, Birch, Bleeding Heart
Helping to recognise our feminine qualities. More.
Unit price: 14 €
Compassion Oil : Mallow, Birch
A restoring oil, which consoles after a shock
or a violent event.
Unit price: 14 €
Respiring Oil : Fir Tree, Pine
Amplifies the respiration, helps energy to flow,
favours the circulation and brings lightness of being.
Unit price: 14 €
St John's Oil : St John's Wort, Oak, Pine, Beech
helps to regain confidence, force, lightness and 'joie de vivre',
very useful in moments of depression. Caution.
Unit price: 14 €
Liberation Oil : Boxwood, Fir
Helps to clear old memories and
to let go to the flow of life.
Unit price: 14 €
Soothing Oil : Beech, Hawthorn, Lavender
Helps to find peace and serenity by having a good foundation,
the confidence to take one's natural place and gives clarity of spirit.
Unit price: 14 €
Good Night Oil : Birch,Hawthorn, Lavender, Poppy
Brings softness, tranquility, harmonises and helps to let go.
Favourises sleep.
Unit price: 14 €
Pregnancy Oil : Birch, Fig, Hawthorn,
Wild rose, Mallow, Snowdrop, Bleeding Heart
Accompagnies women thoughout their pregnancy, physically and on subtle levels.
Unit price: 14 €More
Childhood Oil: Birch, Calendula, Broom
A gentle oil which provides comfort and renewal energies
to help meet with confidence the various stages of childhood.
Unit price: 14 €
Adolescence Oil : Walnut, Beech, Hawthorn, St John's Wort
An oil with walnut to help teenagers to meet this period of change
and to become autonomous. More.
Unit price: 14 €
Orchid/Iris Oil : Orchid, White Iris, Hawthorn, Bleeding Heart
Helps to overcome memories linked to sexuality
(difficulty, aggression)
Unit price: 14 €
Moving towards Peace Oil: Birch, Hawthorn,
Beech, Fir, Lavender, Poppy, Wild rose
An oil to help those that are dying, but also other transitions in life.
Unit price: 14 €More

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Beech to help assurance and serenity, Hawthorn to help them find their place in life, and St John's Wort to help keep their self-confidence and to hold light in their hearts.
Caution : St John's Wort has a photo sensitive action. Avoid exposure to sunlight up to 12 hours following application.
Helping to recognise our feminine qualities and be at one with them, to find our place with love and dignity.