Several workshops are available under different themes. Due to the weather, workshops take place in spring and summer. If you can gather together about 10 participants in your area, you can ask to organise a workshop. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Discovery of Nature beyond Silence
another way to be in and with nature.
Workshops in the Preparation of Vitalised Oils made from the Plants
workshops from one afternoon to 2 days duration on demand,
starting from 6-8 persons.
Courses - Communion and Cooperation with Nature
2 days of discovery of subtle communication with Nature and a day making
vitalised oil adapted to our particular needs.
Conference: SH leads a slideshow conference of her work

Nature places at our disposition inexhaustible ressources for a balanced life and physical, psychological and spiritual health. Its this understanding, nourished by years of experience and research, that SH offers in her courses.
For 15 years alongside her ex-husband she explored the subtle ressources of nature and particularly those coming from trees. Their research enabled them to develop vitalised oils from trees and to run diverse courses in the discovery of nature in France, Belgium and Switzerland.
Bit by bit, Sylvie has developed her own investigations with plants and flowers, making vitalised oils impregnated with subtle living energies which benefit all dimensions of our well-being.