The regular practice of listening at a subtle level to Nature develops the capacity to really listen to all forms of life, including humans. This process allows me to offer personalized oils, made up of 3, 4 or 5 plants that work in synergy.
The first stage is a telephone communication or a letter in which you describe what you are living, the difficulties that you are meeting at the moment…
The second stage is a listening process while in meditation which allows me to determine which plants or trees may help you.
The third stage will be the manufacture and solarisation of the oil.
The fourth stage consists of a card (13x18 cms) on colour photographique paper with the photos of the plant species chosen and the corresponding keywords as to their properties. The oil is then sent to you by first class post within a delay of 8 days with your name marked on the bottle.

Price : 35 € for a 50 ml flask.

Please contact Sylvie Hetzel
You can reach me on +33/(0)6 80 34 26 77