Nature is all around us, and we pass by without noticing.
Nevertheless, she holds treasures for those who can hear, which reach far beyond simples appearances. Nature is not there just to decorate the Earth, in fact she brings, both to the Earth and to mankind, the important principles of life, qualities which express themselves in many colours and nuances, thanks to the different species of trees, flowers and plants.

The aim of the Selva Association is to help people make the connection with this often unknown dimension. This connection with Nature is natural and is part of being human. But often, because of our urban-based lives, the constraints of our work schedules and of time pressures, we remain unaware of this source of vitality, which is essential for health and our inner moral and physical well-being.

New book! : Nature Jardin d'Amour by Sylvie Hetzel
(in French and in Norwegian) HERE

The Selva Association runs courses:

Discovering the Subtle Life of Nature
How to Make Vitalised Oils from plants

Each flower, each blade of grass, has something to teach us.
Our approach is not to develop intellectual knowledge but to learn to listen
to the subtle language of all that is alive.