The two first days will be equivalent to the workshop 'Discovery of Nature Beyond Silence'
This workshop is addressed to all who wish to deepen their links with Nature energy. During the course of the first two days, we prepared to listen to the subtle energies in Nature using exercises which called us back to our senses.
To discover Nature is to discover oneself. It's only within the heart of oneself that the real meeting can take place with all that lives in the forest. Each tree, each flower. manifests on the Earth a particular quality that we learn to understand. Communicating with Nature spirits is possible and accessible to all and we will discover how to do it.
The third day will be given over to the making of an vitalized oil corresponding to our personal needs. You will go through the process of making mother tinctures at dawn, how to dilute correctly and the method of using these oils, which are, at the same time subtle yet efficent on all levels. The many aspects of this production can be adapted in other collaborations with Nature.

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Sylvie Hetzel
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